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Pazzaglia blades quick release

This system makes changing Pazzaglia blades more easy than ever before.

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PL-10 planting machines

These planting machines are suitable for planting a huge variety of plants.

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KLR-2500 tree transplanters

These tree transplanters are able to relocate trees (dig up and plant again on a new location). This makes it possible to save trees for the environment.

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Damcon high clearance tractors

The Damcon high clearance tractors are available for row crops, with row distances between 80 and 150 cm. The high clearance tractors can be provided with various attachments.

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Pazzaglia-snelwissel PL-10-3R-Tree-Planting-Machine KLR-2500-Tree-Transplanter HWD-355-High-Clearance-Tractor

A complete program of tree nursery equipment for over 40 years

Damcon delivers new and used tree nursery equipment, machinery for other row crops and landscapers for over 40 years.

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